IT outsourcing/outstaffing

Get IT resources you need in up to 24 hours!

Get highly qualified IT resources in no time

From full IT support of your project to particular tasks - we can cover it all! We can work on a project basis or provide you with a full-time remote employee. Absolute flexibility and adjustment to your needs and requirements.

Depending on your request, we will find a specialist or a team for you in as little as 24 hours from the moment we got your specifications. You can rely on our huge experience and expertise and be sure in great result!

Even if you don't have a tech specialist inside your team to lead the development process we can provide you with necessary expertise. This could be especially helpful to startups on early stages that have no internal competence.
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IT outsourcing/outstaffing has undeniable advantages
Quick help
Depending on the expertise you need, we can provide you IT resources in up to 24 hours
Unique skills
You can reach out IT pros with specialized skills and knowledge. You can use their expertise without hiring them in house
Reduced cost
Hiring remote specialists from CIS countries is cost effective. You get highly qualified and reliable IT resources for less
Absolute flexibility
You can scale your team at any moment and manage work load effectively. We guaranty the result!
Here's what our clients say
Outsourcing vs Outstaffing
What's the difference and what to choose?
IT outsourcing
Outsourcing usually runs on a project basis. Company delegates certain tasks or entire project to a remote team or a specialist. Client is given the estimation of how much time and money it will require and what deadline for every task can be guaranted. The communication and goal setting for developers, as a rule, goes through project manager who coordinates team's efforts.
IT outstaffing
Outstaffing implies a long-term contract with a remote specialist who works only on your project as part of internal team. You are paying for his hours only. Officially he's the employee of a third-party company that covers all other costs like taxes, insurance, etc. As you buy their time in bulk it turns out to be extremely cost efficient. In this case you pay less than in outsourcing model.
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