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Recruit qualified IT pros with relocation

Recruit tech specialists willing to relocate

On a competitive market, where qualified tech talent is hard to find and even harder to recruit, our service will give you an unfair advantage allowing to access an inexhaustible source of highly qualified technical specialists.

All our candidates have confirmed by tests language skills sufficient to work and communicate with colleagues.
Why bother with relocation from CIS countries?
Visas and work permits, relocation costs and time...
Is it worth the effort?
Better talents
You can hire with relocation qualified tech pros that are hard to find and recruit locally. Don't make compromises in a highly competitive market - get what you need!
The cost of recruiting talents in EU and US is 2-3 times higher than of relocation. Don't compete tech giants in salaries and perks, take the smart way!
Relocated candidates depend greatly on their employer' help and support in the new environment. They are loyal to your company and stay for long
Brain diversity
Augment your team with creativity, skills and responsibility of the best tech brains in the world. IT pros from CIS countries will contribute greatly to your business
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How it works?
No prepayment required. Only pay for result - when your new employee enters your office!
Give us specifications
Let's go into details. Tell us what kind of specialist you need - tech stack, level of expertise and other requirements, so that we can find you the best match.
Get your guaranties
We sign the contract with all the discussed requirements and guaranties so you can be sure that you'll get a perfect result. If anything goes astray we'll fix it right away!
Select candidates for interviews
As soon as we get your specifications we start to search our wide pool of candidates for best matches. We'll send you first suitable profiles in just 3 days.
Make your choice
We'll organize the interviews and coordinate the whole communication process gathering feedback from both sides. We'll consult you on every aspect and help you get the best talent
Sign the offer and start relocation process
As soon as the offer is signed by the candidate, it's time to start the relocation process. We'll be there for you and your new employee
Meet your new employee in the office!
We'll keep in touch with you till this moment and even further. You have 3 months guaranty if anything goes astray.
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